The Slayer (_anamchara_) wrote in florida_pagan,
The Slayer

Storm Moon Tonight

The Full Moon in March heralds a total lunar eclipse. During the eclipse, the Moon appears to go through all of it's phases in a matter of hours. 

Tonight, while the Moon is covered with that dusky-burgundy shadow, work for transformation and to increase psychic abilities. To honor the lunar eclipse, light two small tapers, one white and the other burgundy or dusky brown. Sit and meditate on changes you'd like. Repeat this spell as the eclipse begins.

As the Goddess pulls her soft cloak across the face of the Moon, 
I light a dark and white candle to bring transformation soon.
As the eclipse shows all the lunar phases so bright,
May my psychic talents be seen in a whole new light.

Once the spell is spoken, go find a good spot to watch one of nature's finest shows. Allow candles to burn in a safe place until they go out. --- Ellen Dugan

From Llewellyn's Witches Datebook 2007

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