The Slayer (_anamchara_) wrote in florida_pagan,
The Slayer

Top 10 Beltane Pick-up Lines

Top 10 Beltane Pick-up Lines

10. "Hey babe, what's your sign? What's it's ascendant? What is your planet alignment in Venus during Cancer's revolving around the Fourth House?"

9. "Read any good Llewellyn Books lately?"

8. "Would you like to come over to my place and widdershins?"

7. "Your feet must be tired because you've been Spiral Dancing in my mind all night long."

6. "Haven't I seen you someplace before in another life?"

5. "Yes, I'm handfasted, but that's not legal marriage."

4. "So, do you draw down the moon here often?"

3. "What's a nymph-goddess like you doing in a circle like this?"

2. "You have the prettiest third eye I've ever seen."

1. "Is that a Maypole in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"


- Unknown.

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