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~ Twelfth Night Spell ~

~ Twelfth Night Spell ~

In Christian tradition, today is Twelfth Night or Twelfth Day Eve. This marks the beginning of Epiphany and kicks off the start of the Carnivale season, which lasts through Mardis Gras. In some old English festivities, a Lord of Misrule would be elected to preside over both feasting and debauchery, while the normal social customs were suspended or reversed in a spirit similar to the Roman holiday Saturnalia. Twelfth Night is an excellent time to disperse stagnant energy and to upend rigid customs. Begin by cleaning your home and dumping material goods that you do not need or want. Then get crazy. Put your clothes on inside out to repel evil spells. Give a gift to a total stranger. Write with the opposite hand. Spend this day doing things out of the ordinary, and see what epiphany it brings you. Diana Rajchel

...from Spell-a-Day, 2007-2008 Almanacs
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