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article on the Presidential candidates' positions on religion and politics

My new article on the Presidential candidates' positions on religion and politics has been uploaded to in the literature section:

In 2006 Barak Obama gave a speech in Washington, DC on “the connection between religion and politics.” The video is here: The text is here: This is my response. I also delve into the attitudes expressed by the other 3 candidates on this topic: Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee. While no one will be surprised at the Republican attitude, you might be surprised that Hillary shows all the hallmarks of a theocrat who may have given George W. his inspiration for the twisted, anti-Constitutional policies of his regime.

*** is set up to be the home of "Dark of the Moon Cronecast," a podcast Magus Dethen and I are in the process of putting together -- a Liberal and a Libertarian discussing pagan views of politics and constitutional liberties. As soon as the first show is uploaded I will post here and include links.

Also, we are able to put up ads, banners, and links, so if anyone here has a business they want to advertise with us, or a banner for any of your websites that you would like us to promote, click backs, useful sites to link to, etc., please let me know ( Some advertising will be sold for revenue, but we also want to promote within the community and facilitate networking.

Hope you all enjoy the site and the article!


Vivienne D'Avalon
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