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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! - Haunted Attraction Crew For central FL area

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! - Haunted Attraction Crew

For event happening the weekend of October 17-19, 2008

In the Orlando/Casselberry/Sanford central Florida area


Nephilim United Productions, Inc., a corporation not for profit dedicated to promoting "dark" art, fashion, literature, film and music, is planning our first event for October 2008.  Volunteers are URGENTLY needed as we create a charity haunted attraction to serve as both a fundraiser and our first edutainment introduction to the community.  This will be a multi-element haunted event, and we need dedicated volunteers at all levels of experience and skill sets to bring everything together.

The attraction will combine educational, historic and cultural content with classic handcrafted scares, keeping tech effects costs to a minimum while relying on artistry, enthusiasm, and old fashioned fun and showmanship to provide family entertainment value and personal service unequaled by large "mega haunts" in the area.  The event is presented for entertainment purposes, and as such will call for the creation of "sideshow gaffs" and oddities created through a variety of means.  Local artists will also be needed to create the event, which will showcase the work of these artists.

Funding for the event will be secured through individual donations and sponsorship by businesses and organizations.  Sponsoring organizations receive acknowledgement, advertising, and promotion as outlined in our sponsors’ information packet (available upon request).

The primary theme for the guided-tour haunt is "The History of Halloween and Horror."  Scare-laden rooms will illustrate key points in this timeline: the Celtic origins of Halloween; early horror literature; a homage to the circus sideshow; classic movies; and television.  The overall framing script will be the operation of a "Traveling Spook-Show Carnival" of the style popular in America from the 1940's to the 1960's. Rooms in the sideshow will therefore also include a spook show séance, a museum of art and oddities, a "Treasures of Egypt" room, a chamber of horrors, a freak show, and a stage area for live performances of magic and theatrics.  That’s the plan.  We will need a lot of help to build the sets and staff these rooms.


Though all positions are on a volunteer basis, artistic credit and copy (where applicable) will be given.  Volunteers from this event may also be interested in participating in future events, including our upcoming symposium, "Vamp-Con 2009 - American Gothic."  We will train any enthusiastic and dedicated individual who wishes to help. Though we do need artists, actors, set construction crews, and others with backgrounds in film and theater, we will need many more warm bodies who are simply willing to take brush in hand and slap paint on where told, or put on a costume and get thrown into the crowd to have fun with the rubes.  No experience is necessary, just a high level of enthusiasm and dedication. 

Even if you can only afford a couple of hours here and there to help build sets or to take a shift manning the event, every bit helps.  For this to make the kind of positive artistic impression on the community that we hope to make, we will need the cooperation of many individuals in the Goth, Pagan, and artistic communities.  If you can devote even a little time to helping us create this ambitious multi-media event, please take a few minutes to fill out the attached volunteer questionnaire to let us know where your skills and interests lie, and what your initial schedule is.  We will be holding a volunteers meeting sometime during the first week of August to brief everyone and get assignments started, so we need to have as many volunteers as possible on board by the last week of July (though we will cheerfully take on any help that signs up after that – we just need an initial group to get us going). 

The attraction will be open one weekend in October only, from Friday the 17th through Sunday the 19th.  We will need lots of extra help the week prior, for setup, and also two to three days after, to strike the haunt.  Volunteers are also needed immediately for planning and pre-construction activities beginning very soon.  Email Vivienne D’Avalon or Lord Mordred D. Ravensword, or call Nephilim United at 407-484-2285, to sign up.  Our core group has worked together on other events and I can guarantee this will be a LOT of fun for everyone.

We look forward to having you on our crew!


Vivienne D’Avalon

Email or, or call Nephilim United at 407-484-2285, to sign up. Our core group has worked together on other events and I can guarantee this will be a LOT of fun for everyone.

Haunted Attraction Volunteer Questionnaire

(Please copy and paste into an email to Vivienne D’Avalon and/or Lord Mordred D. Ravensword)

Name: _______________________________

Email: _______________________________

Phone #: _____________________________

Home or work town (for work party scheduling purposes):


Experience in stagecraft or art, if any (please list any skills you may have that you think might be useful; also include any marketing or public relations experience – we will need promoters):


Areas of interest (i.e., do you prefer acting for the crowd, running tech behind the scenes, building sets, creating costumes and effects, etc.):


Schedule of availability (based on work hours, travel time, other commitments, etc., etc.  Please also specify if you are available the dates of the event, or immediately before or after, for set and strike, and how many hours you think you will be able to handle between August and October).


Any other information you think might help us place you in the best fit:


Thank you!  We look forward to working with you and we will contact you shortly.



Vivienne D’Avalon

For Nephilim United Productions

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