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Counting down the days...

I love advent calendars but there are a dearth of pagan ones (obviously). So, I'm making my own over yonder -> paganadvent.

I'll be posting daily on different "themes" until Yule. Posts may include videos, links, quotes, stories, photos, poems, crafts and so on...

At this time of the year, the deer venture often into our realm. Last night in my front yard, a herd of deer—thick and wooly–looking with their winter coats—were feeding on fallen rowan berries. This morning, their tracks could be seen making spirals in the snow around the base of the rowan tree and wandering off down the street, marking their path back to the woods. Though deer are certainly not rare (especially here in Michigan), their appearance brings the feeling of wilderness close, reminding me that we are only ever a few paces away from the forest, from the wild, from the edges of the living storied land. ~ Ari Berk

1 Boy stag of wonder, with horns of a thousand branches and knobs
2 Thousand branches and knobs and of a thousand bright candles
3 Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun
4 On it's forehead there is a star, on it's chest the moon
5 And it starts along the banks of the shining heavenly Danube
6 That it may be the messenger of heaven and bringer of news
7 About our creator and caring god
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